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Customer Service

Ovis is interested in working with you and we will be glad to discuss any projects or proposals. We review all inquires for customer service on a case by case basis. All customers inquires, services and costs are held in the strictest of confidence. Costs for all services are quoted on an individual basis which includes animal cost, animal care (housing, feed, health care, etc.), material charges and a fixed rate of labor following establishment of protocol procedure. Ovis is a USDA licensed research facility under the Animal Welfare Act and has an Internal Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) which inspect animal care and use, facilities and protocols. Customer services and sheep offered are:

Sheep of All Ages & Sexes
Ovis offers all ages and sexes of specific pathogen free sheep for uses in the agricultural and biomedical sciences. Sheep shall have a designated ear tag identifying genealogy and health history. Sheep can be sheared, vaccinated, treated for internal and external parasites, be individually tested for specific pathogens and shall have health papers signed by a licensed veterinarian. Shipping of animals met the requirement set forth by the Animal Welfare Act. Sexes and ages of sheep offered are:

Adults (1 year of age or older)
  • Males (ram)
  • Females (ewe)
  • Wether (castrated male)
Yearling lambs (newborn to 1 year of age)
  • Males (ram lamb)
  • Females (ewe lamb)
  • Wethers (castrated male)
Time-Dated Pregnancies (Seasonal)
Ovis offers time-dated pregnancies for fetal research. Estrus is determined by rams (vasectomized and fertile) fitted with a brisket harness holding a colored crayon which leaves crayon markings on the ewe. Ewes are observed daily for crayon markings during scheduled breeding. Pregnancy confirmation is done by a qualified ultrasounder who can determine single or multiple fetuses as early as 21 days of gestation. Ewes that are time-dated pregnancies are confirmed serologically negative for Q fever.

Blood Products
Ovis uses younger, healthy, mature sheep (wethers) to be used for normal and hyperimmune serum/plasma production and other blood products. Younger animals are used for hyperimmune serum/plasma production since older animals usually have had exposure to a variety of antigen in nature that may pose unwanted antibodies. Ovis does not reuse animals from previous immunizing projects. Ovis cannot accept antigens that are live pathogens or carcinogenic to human or animal origin and stating such must accompany all client supplied antigens. All protocols and blood collection procedures are acceptable by animal welfare standards and approved by Ovis' IACUC.

Shipment of Animals or Blood Products
Ovis does offer approved shipping service for its sheep. The safety and comfort of the animal is the primary concern when transporting. Ovis uses the Livestock Weather Safety Index for determining the basis for handling and shipping decisions during periods of weather extremes. Vehicles used for shipping are equipped to protect against weather extremes and add comfort. Ovis also offers approved shipping services for it blood products. The product can be shipped according to the client's request.

Professional Service
Jerry Pommer, Owner and Manager of Ovis, received his Masters Degree in Microbiology/Veterinary Science from North Dakota State University. His research involved sheep respiratory disease, which was published in several professional veterinary scientific journals. Pommer has work experience in veterinary diagnostics and research, veterinary vaccine industry, management experience in the development of transgenic animals to be used for human biopharmaceutical production and animal welfare regulations. Pommer been involved in the development and management of Ovis since 1990.
Ovis is a USDA-licensed research facility under the Animal Welfare Act.
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