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OVIShield is a sterile sheep serum product which can provide an antibody supplement for newborn lambs. Newborn lambs should receive ewe colostrum soon after birth to remain healthy. Inadequate colostrum consumption can result in illness and death due to limited antibody absorption. Fifty percent (50%) of lamb illnesses, in the first three weeks of life, can be attributed to inadequate antibody intake from colostrum. Potential reasons for inadequate colostrum intake can be due to:
  • the ewe colostrum being poor quantity or quality
  • the ewe having bad udder or dysfunctional teats
  • the ewe having multiple births (triplets, quads)
  • the lamb being neglected by the ewe,
  • orphaned or weak lambs
  • diseases such as ovine progressive pneumonia (OPPV) and Johnes

How is the OVIShield product made?
OVIShield uses healthy, adult sheep that are certified free of Scrapie and other infectious diseases. The sheep are vaccinated with vaccines that are used to prevent disease in newborn lambs. Whole blood is collected at 21 day intervals from a large pool of donor sheep. The serum, which contains important antibodies and other serum components, is collected, sterile filtered, bottled, and sterile irradiated to ensure product quality and safety. The bottled antibody supplement remains frozen (-20°C) until shipped for further distribution.

Is the OVIShield product safe?
The donor sheep are certified free of Scrapie and other infectious diseases. The serum supplement is sterile filtered and gamma irradiated to inactivate any potentially contaminating microorganisms. Research studies have demonstrated that OVIShield is safe to use in newborn lambs.

How is the OVIShield product to be used?
The use of this product should be discussed with your veterinarian. The serum supplement must be stored at refrigerator temperatures (4°C to 8°C) and can be held at this temperature range up to one year. Longer term storage can be achieved by freezing the product; however repeated freezing and thawing should be avoided as this will reduce antibody activity. Aseptic technique and sterile needles must be used when drawing the product from the bottle. The serum supplement can be given orally or as a subcutaneous injection as follows:
  • Oral use: The use of OVIShield orally should be given to newborn lambs within 4 hours after birth. It should be given by mixing 10-20 ml of the serum supplement with ewe colostrum or milk (or commercial colostrum supplements/lamb milk replacer) and fed with a bottle or stomach tube.

  • Subcutaneous use: OVIShield can also be given as a subcutaneous injection at any time after birth. It should be given aseptically by injecting two separate 5 ml doses (10 ml total) under the skin above the right and left shoulder. The injection site will leave a visual lump that disappears within a 24 hour period.

What if I have further questions regarding the use of the OVIShield product?
If you have further questions regarding the use of the OVIShield product for other conditions, please contact your veterinarian or Premier 1 Supplies at 800-282-6631 or www.premier1supplies.com.

How do I order the OVIShield product?
You can order OVIShield from these distributors:
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