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Uses of the Flock

Agricultural Sciences
The flock provides a quality sheep model for understanding diseases, nutrition, and reproduction in sheep production systems. Studies into disease transmission and pathogenesis, model development for disease testing, and vaccine and drug evaluations can be conducted using sheep from Ovis. Current agricultural science research projects are:
Scrapie Research
The flock has and is currently providing an animal model for scrapie research8. Test animals are being used for disease transmission, pathogenesis, live animal testing, possible vaccine development and drug evaluation. The flock can also serve as a verified, known source of negative tissues (brain, plasma, serum and others) for research and development of diagnostic tests.
Biomedical Sciences
The flock provides sheep as animal models that can be used in biomedical research for understanding human health and diseases and their treatments. The development of techniques for human surgery, biomedical devices, drug evaluations and fetal research has advanced tremendously using sheep as animal models. Ovis has provided sheep as research models in these areas of:
Experimental Surgery Research
The sheep is an ideal animal model suited to surgical modification for experimentation since it size is convenient and somewhat similar to man. Ovis has provided sheep in the areas of surgical research for cardiovascular, neurological and organ transplantation.

Fetal Research
Pregnant sheep and its fetus(es) provide a close model for human pregnancy and have been and continue to be studied extensively to provide insight into conditions affecting human development before birth. Ovis has provided sheep with time-dated pregnancies in the area of fetal research for growth restrictions, drug evaluations and biomedical devices.

Biomedical Device Research
Developments of biomedical devices for temporary or permanent replacements of tissues and organs for the human body have been developed or investigated using sheep. Ovis has provided sheep in the areas of biomedical device research for joint replacement, implanted drug delivery devices and cardiac shunts.

Blood Products
The flock can provided a source of high quality blood products, such as normal and hyperimmune serum/plasma (polyclonal antibodies) and whole blood. Ovis has provided sheep for developing these high quality biological products, especially hyperimmune serum/plasma for passive therapies, diagnostic reagents and biopharmaceutical applications (affinity capture and purification). Ovis can supply whole sheep blood to be used for blood agar plates that can in turn be used for bacterial isolation. The blood can also be used for transfusion purposes to other experimental sheep after elaborate invasive surgical procedures.
Ovis is a USDA-licensed research facility under the Animal Welfare Act.
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